Justin Mills


Justin is a passionate software developer and entrepreneur. He is driven by his love of ideation and building. He currently attends the University of Waterloo for Computer Science, as well as Wilfrid Laurier University for Business Administration.

His ventures encompass a broad spectrum. His current pursuits include business, education, games, productivity, as well as music and art. He works most often with modern web technologies and builds full stack web applications. He also pours a lot of his time into game development and ideas of gamification for everyday applications.


Backpack - WIP
Typescript + Architecture + Games + Web

Backpack is a 2D web game framework built in Typescript. It is based on an Entity-Component-System architectural pattern. On top of the benefits of the ECS pattern, Backpack offers management of state, input, views, and intersections/collisions. Not to mention a full easing/tweening library!

It sits on top of an abstraction layer for PIXI.JS which allows it to efficiently render for all web targets (mobile and desktop).

Backpack is used for a number of other projects at Universe-9.

Life Notes - WIP
Full Stack + Elixir + Phoenix + Web

Life Notes is a web application that facilitates learning in any capacity. A user may register and create personal study notes and articles. These notes will be written with a markup language that allows the user to specify key terms and other ideas, so that data may be presented to them in other forms. Now the user can be quizzed, create flash cards, or see summaries and brief overviews.

The platform also has a community section, with which users may suggest changes to current writings. This section can also be accessed by anyone and is meant to make learning anything available to all. The form and style of these notes is meant to be familiar and easier to grok than Wikipedia, creating a crash course on all topics that life may have to offer!

Darkest Dreamland
Javascript + Games + Web

Darkest Dreamland is a 2D web game built using Javascript. It was built on top of a Javascript game framework also created by Justin. This framework was a precursor to Backpack, and only used HTML canvas drawing methods. The framework also handled all asset loading, and management.

The game is meant to be a marriage of the classic match 3 game mechanic and infinite runners. The direction of any match you make corresponds to an action for your character. For example: you must match with an upward swipe to jump over spikes. It features two worlds and a variety of punishing levels.

Java + Deployment + Web
Peerpressure is a procedurally generated art project by Justin Mills. Each pixel of the image is placed with a unique colour that is based on one of its neighbours. The program would generate the artwork on a given schedule and then upload it to Tumblr.