Alanna Vanderbaan

Art & Design

Alanna tends to be a huge nerd. Her interests span from cats, to art, to music, and to videogames. She studies Integrated Media & Digital Painting and Expanded Animation at OCAD University in Toronto. She is now working on her thesis.


Miracle Mile
Alanna has been conceptualizing a webcomic for several years, thus a lot of her drawings revolve around illustrating the two main characters - Atlas (who is pictured here) and Cell. A lot of her more developed illustrations are also inspired by music, like this work, and will often incorporate the lyrics themselves (the song for this piece was Miracle Mile, by Cold War Kids). This work is also embellished with washi tape, which Alanna will often use on her more polished works.
Red VS. Blue
This is but one of many comics that Alanna creates. Though not her most common work, it is her favourite method of working and storytelling. Working traditionally, it starts as a pencil sketch, which is then refined with ink pens (usually Staedtler or Figma brushpens) and Copic markers.
Getting involved in playing numerous Dungeons and Dragons campaigns has allowed Alanna a lot of practice in character design. Working with just pencil is one of her preferred methods, as she has the most experience with it, but unfortunately the drawings can get easilly smudged (as seen in this work). Alternating methods of cross-hatching in place of smooth shading also allow for quicker work, and a more textured effect.
Pug in Progress
Self Portrait